Squishy Collections

Squishy Collections

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Here are our main collections that cover everything from sponges to slime!

Squishy is a toy that has the ability to return to its original shape due to the sponge-like character-based fun way, squishy doll or sometimes also called a skuisi toy is sometimes also called a skuisi toy is usually used for key chains or hanger skuisi, hp hanger, pen place, clipboard, but its main function is as a stress reliever.Squishy comes from English, which means slippery.

For fans of the pleasure team to pick up the equipment because of its fun, kawaii, interesting and adorable shape. But in addition to collectible skis also have loh utility, skis themselves are widely used as a wrist pad (dish when using the mouse/typing computer), as their smooth shape can give comfort to the wrist. Some squads also have a function such as pens, clips, key chains, and can also be rewarded.

Why not? because the equipment can be tightened and reformed, so for some people it can channel stress by tightening squats, and has been shown to be effective in reducing stress.