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Book Review : 9 Yards of Silk

Book Title : 9 Yards of Silk  Author : Sakshi Kiran ISBN : 9789384315788 Publisher : Half Baked Beans Publication
Genre : Mythological Fiction / Romance Publication : 2017 Pages : 150 Format : E-book

BOOK BLURB: Shakuntala lives with her son Bharat in a deep forest. One fine day Bharat reminds her of his father, resulting to upset her. As the child goes out to play a celestial maiden Menaka appears in front of her who offers friendship, suggesting to share their stories with each other. Menaka tells her about Kaushik, a sage to whom she was sent by Indra for disturbing his fierce penance and how they ended up falling for one another. Shakuntala also shares her story of meeting and marrying the charming prince of Hastinapur who later abandoned her. During the conversation Shakuntala finds blessings in her life, why she was abandoned by parents at birth and how her estranged husband was just a victim of circumstances for leaving her. After Menaka's departure, Dushyant returns to her in the h…
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Book Review : Betrayals and Paybacks

Book Title : Betrayals and Paybacks Author : Sana Shetty
ISBN : 988193379165
Publisher : Write India Publishers Genre : Murder Mystery / Suspense Thriller Publication : 2017 Pages : 210 Format : Paperback

BOOK BLURB: How far would you go to protect your loved one? Would you even condone murder?  Eight years ago Vedant Birajdar fled Tamara, a small nondescript village on the banks of the river Kaveri, after a wild night out with his best friend Jay Varma, turned disastrous. Now he is back and Jay is dead, Misha, the love of his life is engaged to another man and his older brother, Tarun, is missing. All he is left with is a strange message Jay leaves on his answering machine, before his death.  Misha does not believe her brother, Jay, committed suicide. Yet, she has no reason to believe otherwise. Not until Vedant turns up at her doorstep, bleeding and seeking her help. Together they have to figure out what really happened and they have to do it quick, before the body count goes up. But can Mi…

Chai-a-Thon : The Pull Of The Chai

Hosted By :#MyLittleMuffin#TheMomSagas#Mummasaurus
This blog is a part of the Chai-a-thon blog train organized by 'The Momsteins'. Now if you have been following my blogs, you would know, I did a blogathon with these ladies back during Navratri and it was so much fun, that I was looking forward to joining another blogathon with them and here is my chance on this International Tea Day with another blog train organised by these beautiful ladies.
At this point, I would like to thank Misha Jain who blogs at for introducing me. Do go and read her post about her tea-time memories.
Moving on, I wondered for way too long as to what to write, what anecdote to talk about and I realized half of my life has revolved around chai-time - they are all fond memories, and they have made me love my cup of daily tea more and more.
So with a list of all those moments, I would like to pay a tribute to the trusted and dear friend - my cup of tea on this international t…

Book Review : Dumplin

Book Title : Dumplin - Go Big Or Go Home Author : Julie Murphy ISBN : 9780062327185 Publisher : Balzer + Bray (HarperCollins Publishers) Genre : Young Adult / Contemporary Fiction Publication : 2015 Pages : 375 Binding : Hardback

About The Book: Self-proclaimed fat girl Willowdean Dickson (dubbed “Dumplin’” by her former beauty queen mom) has always been at home in her own skin. Her thoughts on having the ultimate bikini body? Put a bikini on your body. With her all-American beauty best friend, Ellen, by her side, things have always worked…until Will takes a job at Harpy’s, the local fast-food joint. There she meets Private School Bo, a hot former jock. Will isn’t surprised to find herself attracted to Bo. But she is surprised when he seems to like her back.
Instead of finding new heights of self-assurance in her relationship with Bo, Will starts to doubt herself. So she sets out to take back her confidence by doing the most horrifying thing she can imagine: entering the Miss Clover City beauty…

Book Review : A Man Called Ove

Book Title : A Man Called Ove Author : Frederik Backman  ISBN : 9781449474256
Publisher : Sceptre
Genre : Novel / General Fiction Publication : 2014 Pages : 305 Binding : Kindle Edition

About The Book: A grumpy yet lovable man finds his solitary world turned on its head when a boisterous young family moves in next door. Meet Ove. He's a curmudgeon, the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. He has staunch principles, strict routines, and a short fuse. People call him the bitter neighbor from hell, but must Ove be bitter just because he doesn't walk around with a smile plastered to his face all the time? Behind the cranky exterior there is a story and a sadness. So when one November morning a chatty young couple with two chatty young daughters move in next door and accidentally flatten Ove's mailbox, it is the lead-in to a comical and heartwarming tale of unkempt cats, unexpected friendship, and the ancient art of backi…

Book Review : Milk and Honey

Book Title : Milk and Honey Author : Rupi Kaur
ISBN : 9781449474256
Publisher : Andrews McMeel Genre : Poetry Publication : 2014 Pages : 204 Binding : Paperback

About The Book: milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. It is about the experience of violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. It is split into four chapters, and each chapter serves a different purpose, deals with a different pain, heals a different heartache. milk and honey takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.

Rating: 3.5 ☆'s

Review: Okay, hold on Give me a moment As I catch my breath And gather my thoughts For this book Has left me In a tornado of  Myriad of emotions

No, I wasn't taking a dig at the author - but I definitely am trying to make a point here. Let me begin from beginning...
Truthfully, I loved the book and on the onset of this review I was just about read…

Book Review : Twenty Love Poems and A Song Of Despair

Book Title : Twenty Love Poems and A Song Of Despair Author : Pablo Neruda [(Translator)] ISBN : 9780224074415 Publisher : Jonathan Cape (Penguin Random House) Genre : Poetry Publication : 2004 Pages : 65 Binding : Paperback

About The Book: The Chilean Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) was probably the greatest and certainly the most prolific of twentieth-century Latin American poets. He brought out his first collection at the age of seventeen, and quickly developed an assured and distinctive poetic voice. His third book, Veinte Poemas de Amor y una Cancion Desesperada - Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair- was published in 1924 and attracted international acclaim. It remains one of the most celebrated and admired books of erotic poetry published in the last hundred years, with over a million copies sold worldwide. Neruda was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971.

Rating: 3.5 ☆'s

Review: I first came around the name Pablo Neruda, when I was in school, nearly a decade and a half ago - When I w…