Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Book Review : Scion of Ikshvaku

Book Title : Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series #1)
Author : Amish Tripathi
Genre : Mythological Fiction
ISBN : 9789385152146
Publisher : Westland Limited
Publication : 2015
Pages : 354
Binding : Hardbound

Plot :
Ram Rajya. The Perfect Land. But perfection has a price. He paid that price.


Ayodhya is weakened by divisions. A terrible war has taken its toll. The damage runs deep. The demon King of Lanka, Raavan, does not impose his rule on the defeated. He, instead, imposes his trade. Money is sucked out of the empire. The Sapt Sindhu people descend into poverty, despondency and corruption. They cry for a leader to lead them out of the morass. Little do they appreciate that the leader is among them. One whom they know. A tortured and ostracized prince. A prince they tried to break. A prince called Ram.
He loves his country, even when his countrymen torment him. He stands alone for the law. His band of brothers, his Sita, and he, against the darkness of chaos.
Will Ram rise above the taint that others heap on him? Will his love for Sita sustain him through his struggle? Will he defeat the demon Lord Raavan who destroyed his childhood? Will he fulfill the destiny of the Vishnu?

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Having read the Shiva Trilogy by the same author, I had high hopes from his next series and he has more or less hit the mark - even if it ain't a bull's eye, it is in the vicinity.
If you have read his previous books, you would know that he is one author who human-ises the gods and retells the stories from our mythology making them more believable. This series is based on Ramayana. 
There are no complaints with regards to his writing style - for that is what sets him apart. And so far, the story has been really captivating  (when it took 2 months to complete 3 books (woes of parenthood - finding 'me time' with a 2 month old) - it took me about a week to finish this book) - so I can safely say, it's a page turner.
As far as the plot goes, of course it's an adaptation of the Ramayana - so you cannot find any fault with it.

Having said all that, I still had to take a star away from the book is because there seem to be some gaps in the story - these gaps aren't the 'in your face' variety but they linger in the background if you have read Shiva Trilogy - since the author has definitely tried to bring a connection in both the series with things like nagas or maika system.
But then, this could only be my personal interpretation and you as a reader might not find any fault with the story. And even though I mention these gaps and take a star away, I would still urge you to read the book for even if you leave mythology aside, it's a fun story to read and you won't be left disappointed.

Happy Reading!

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