Thursday, October 15, 2015

Personal Musings : Jack of All Trades

"Jack of all trades and king of none"
How bad is it, to be good at a lot of things? Is it totally necessary to be an expert at something? What is then better - to be the jack or the king?
So, this thought had been gnawing at me, since I sat down to create this blog. I knew what this blog would be about, but coming up with a name for this one was pretty difficult. Me and the husband labored around for half an hour before finalizing on the name.
If you don't know already, this blog is a compilation blog. I had a number of blogs for different things - food blog, book review blog, poetry blog, personal experiences blog and photography blog. It was getting pretty unmanageable. Thus I decided to create one blog which would contain everything I wanted to share and thus we played around with the word passion.
But then recently I came across lots of blogs which were specialized blogs for photography or book and/or movie reviews or personal blogs - making them a king in their chosen field.
So, I am a jack of all trades, for I have mastery in none. True, the kings are enjoying their respective trades like I'm enjoying my various zealous activities, but are they better off? Am I not getting a far more better exposure than those kings? Then am I better being the Jack than a king? Is this thing even comparable?

Where all will you find my presence? 

*I am an Instagram-er*
Like here in the blog, my instagram account also shows my basic nature of being the jack of all trades for their are pics of books, food, scenic beauty, my son and just about anything I find worth clicking.
I'm "passionpursuer" on Instagram.

*I am a foodie on Zomato*
I like trying out different restaurants even if I'm not too keen on trying new cuisines. And if I try out a new restaurant, which ain't very often, I would like to review it.
I'm "KittyEatsOut" on Zomato.

*I am a voracious reader on Goodreads*
I read books and then present my views on them in form of a book review which I post on Goodreads as well as on my blog.
I'm "Khyati Tewari" on Goodreads.

*I'm an average cook and photographer*
Just because I love to click pretty pictures, which aren't always pretty, I have taken a liking to cooking - I try out new recipes, try to click beautiful pictures and then blog the recipes with those pictures. Now that I have a son, the interest has expanded into the child photography. And thanks to #Bookstagram community on instagram, I'm clicking books. 
Find me on Instagram and follow my blog. 

*I'm a learned writer*
Writing didn't chine naturally to me, it wasn't inherent. But as a kid when I saw my friends wiring beautiful poetry, I wanted to do it too. And so I learned, to do a half decent job at writing poetry.

*I'm a blogger*
Where else can I showcase all that I mentored, if not on a blog? Of course I'm a blogger - even though I know, hardly anyone follows me - but it's for my satisfaction.
I'm "Khyati Gulati Tewari" on "passionate pursuits" and this is what I do...

So many avenues for me to explore...

True there isn't an #InstaDaily pic on my account...
True I haven't visited every restaurant in town...
True there are unread books on my shelf and many Un-reviewed books in my collection...
True not every food experiment is a successful one nor all the recipes blogged about...
True the pictures I click aren't stellar and don't receive 1000's of likes...
True the poems aren't pieces of art...
True the blog hasn't any viewers or followers...

But I'm Khyati and this is what I like to do and this is what I shall do for the king is definitely a king, but Jack has all the more fun!

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