Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Written Affair : The Day You Walked Away

The Day You Walked Away, is a poem about two lovers who had to part ways because of some unavoidable circumstances. Both of them hated doing it, but it was the demand of the time... Puppets of fate, they part ways, with heavy hearts, but being able to do nothing about it...

I can't forget that night when
You were there standing beside me,
Saying that you have got something
That you want to tell me...
The words were so very harsh
You knew it would hurt me...
But we had to face the truth
Although it was difficult for you and for me!

You looked at me
And I looked at you
We wanted to say something to ease the pain
But that was what we couldn't do...
We walked our last walk together
On that deserted road
Our hearts were aching
There was too much of the load!

I took your hand in mine
And you turned towards me
You saw the fear in my eyes
Tears too you could see!

We both cried for hours
And sat holding each other
And remembered those days
We spent together
Talking and walking
Laughing all the while...
Those were the days
When we had been truly blessed!

Last thing I remember
Is you walking away
Leaving me behind
I was thinking of someway - 
I wanted to stop you...
I tried calling you...
But you never heard me
You just kept walking farther and away
Leaving me behind
With tears in my eyes!!


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