Friday, October 23, 2015

Written Affair : Our Story #1 Love Stories

So this was a piece I was working on a long time ago... I showed it to the husband, he loved it and wanted more of it. I promise to continue abs finish this piece. So, it's our story that I was writing. He came up with a brilliant idea that since whatever I was writing was my perspective, he would write his own and then we could have a book from both ends - meeting up in the center. But then, of course, busy schedules catch up on you and things just remain in the pipeline... but I have decided to give it one more try - at least finishing up with my part of the book. 
So, here goes...

This is my story - scratch that - this is my 'love' story. Every one has a love story - some start in school days and end when we change schools or we grow up and go to different colleges. While others start in college and see their end with college life. Sometimes, relationships end because of family pressure, society, religion and so many other such cliched reasons.
But sometimes, love is there to stay, sometimes love grows into a beautiful wedding and a blissful life. Whoa, I sound like such a fool - uh, I am scaring myself. But anyways, I am bitten by this bug called love so I guess, its one of the symptoms of this bug bite.
So, I am gonna cut the crap and simply begin with my story - uh huh - my love story...

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