Friday, October 23, 2015

Written Affair : Who Am I...

Many people live with a mask on their faces, hiding their true faces from the world, for reasons known to them. This poem is about one such person...

Who am I,
Why am I,
No one knows
I will follow which road!

An organ lying below my lung
Makes direct contact with my tongue
And holds me back
From reading books of my life, lying on the rack.
My heart is a well of secrets
Keeping secrets there I don't regret;
From what I feel
To whom with I deal
Is not known to a single soul
Not even my dear mom!

So much lying in that muscular space
No one knows I'm running in which race,
No one, mean No One
Has ever guessed what I feel for anyone
Even if they tried
They never got the answer right,
Though I've friends whom I trust
I tell them many things, but not every crust!

Some bitter experiences of the past
Left me alone in a ground which was vast
To collect all alone, my belongings
And then I decided - never again will I be sharing
"Them" with anyone,
About myself will be known to no one!

Today what my friends see of me
Is not 'actual me'!
I am someone else whom they have never met
My mind is now set...
I have learned to live happily
With this in my heart and my family!!

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