Sunday, December 27, 2015

Written Affair : All Alone

This poem highlights the fact that whatever we do in our life time, we still come alone in this world and leave alone. No one accompanies us in either of these two situation, but human beings are still afraid of being alone... They forget, that they themselves are the only people who stay with themselves till the end and then afterwards and thus never enjoy the lone time they get...

A baby born,
Comes alone...

Then why does he,
For a company craves...
So why does he,
For some love craves...?

Why does he wants,
To be accepted...
Why does he needs,
To be wanted...?

What does he need, 
Friends for...
What does he fear, 
Making enemies for...?

Why does he smile,
When he finds someone...
Why does he cry,
On loss of someone...?

Why does he have to,
Feel lonely...
Why, when no one's around
Should he want some company...?

For an old man dead,
Dies all alone...!

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