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Book Review : Make Me

Book Title : Make Me 
Author : Lee Child
Genre : Suspense Thriller 
ISBN : 9780857502896
Publisher : Bantam Press
Publication : 2015
Pages : 492
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
“Why is this town called Mother’s Rest?” That’s all Reacher wants to know. But no one will tell him. It’s a tiny place hidden in a thousand square miles of wheat fields, with a railroad stop, and sullen and watchful people, and a worried woman named Michelle Chang, who mistakes him for someone else: her missing partner in a private investigation she thinks must have started small and then turned lethal. 
Reacher has no particular place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, and there’s something about Chang . . . so he teams up with her and starts to ask around. He thinks: How bad can this thing be? But before long he’s plunged into a desperate race through LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Francisco, and through the hidden parts of the internet, up against thugs and assassins every step of the way—right back to where he started, in Mother’s Rest, where he must confront the worst nightmare he could imagine. 
Walking away would have been easier. But as always, Reacher’s rule is: If you want me to stop, you’re going to have to make me.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Review :
Make Me is 20th novel in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. 
Starting off on a very slow pace, the novel soon turns into a page-turner. Having a similar broader plot like all books in the series, the specific plot of the novel is much too interesting...
What starts off as a simple search for missing person, soon turns into search of two missing people and then three missing people. But it doesn't end there - for now there is a mention of 200 deaths. 
What starts as a search in the Web to know last locations soon reveals the various levels of the Deep Web. And what unfolds is a horrible mystery behind the deaths.

*could be a spoiler*

The book made me wonder, for whom money matters, what is the value of human life - that they call themselves businessman and earn out of people dying - what has the world come to! 
Unlike the last book I read, this one wasn't easy to guess and was a suspense till they decided to reveal it.
Like all other Lee Child books, this is too an amazing read if you are in for suspense / thriller. You won't be left disappointed!


Happy Reading!

Recipe : Kashmiri Dum Aloo

In my quest to search and cook new things for hubby, I stumbled upon this wonderful group - Chef At Large (CAL). The wonderful people, cooking wonderful dishes inspired me to no end.

I had bought a kg of baby potatoes to try my hand at 'dhaniye ke aloo', inspired by my mum in law and my bua saas. That my friends, was a failed first attempt. I will need to go back to those wonderful cooks to learn that recipe properly. So I had these left over baby potatoes and a husband who kept mentioning dum aloo and how he is going to cook the dish one of these days.
Being inspired by the group, I fired up my laptop, searched the internet for a recipe, found one - altered and tweaked it a bit to my taste and voila - I had the perfect Kashmiri Dum Aloo! And the real happiness comes when after the first bite husband says - bahut badhiya... oh the joy that filled me!
So here's my altered recipe...

Difficulty Level : ☆

Time Required : 
          Preparation - 30 minutes
          Cooking - 15 minutes


Baby Potatoes 20 nos. boiled in salted water and peeled
Onion 1 medium size, finely chopped
Thick Curd 3/4 cup or 5 tbsp
Bay Leaf 1 no.
Asafoetida (Hing) 1 pinch
Red Chili Powder 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Coriander Powder 1 tsp
Cumin Powder (bhuna pisa jeera) 1/2 tsp
Ginger 1 pc.
Garlic 4-5 cloves
Green Cardamom (Elaichi) 1 pod
Cinnamon 1 small pc. 
Cloves 4 nos.
Kasuri Methi 1/2 tbsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Cooking Oil 3 and 1/2 tbsp
Salt to taste
Corriander Leaves 1 tbsp, finely chopped (for garnishing)

1. Take boiled and peeled baby potatoes and poke them slightly with a fork (this would make sure that flavors go deep inside).

2. Dry roast cardamom pod, cinnamon and cloves on a flat tava for 2 minutes and then crush them in a mortar and pestle till they are grounded to a fine powder. Keep it aside.
3. Grate ginger and garlic and keep aside. 
4. Take about 1 and 1/2 tbsp oil in a wok and heat it. Then add the potatoes to it and shallow fry them till they are golden brown. 
5. Strain them and keep aside.
6. Add remaining oil to the wok and heat it. Now add asafoetida and saute for about 10 seconds.
7. Add the bay leaf and chopped onion and saute till the onion turns slightly translucent.
8. Add the ginger and garlic from 3rd step to the wok and saute for another 30 seconds.
9. Now add the dry powder from 2nd step to the wok and saute for a minute.
10. Beat the curd and slowly add it to the wok. Add the turmeric powder, red chili powder, coriander powder and cumin powder to it. Mix again.
11. Continue stirring  for about 3 minutes or till the oil separates.
12. Add shallow fried potatoes from 4th step to the wok.
13. Add kasuri methi, sugar and salt and cook on low heat for about 2 minutes.
14. Add 1 cup water and bring to boil.
15. When it starts to boil, cover the wok with a lid and cook on low heat till desired consistency of the gravy is achieved.

16. Transfer to serving bowl, garnish with chopped coriander and serve hot.

Additional Noteworthy Points:

1. Grating ginger and garlic imparts extra flavor. You can grind them in a mixer or use garlic ginger paste instead.
2. Dry roasting and then crushing the pod, cinnamon and cloves imparts more flavor. You can grind them directly in a mixer as well.
3. For additional richness, you can grind about 8 to 10 cashews with the spices as well.

Cook With Love...

Written Affair : Our Story #1 Love Stories

So this was a piece I was working on a long time ago... I showed it to the husband, he loved it and wanted more of it. I promise to continue abs finish this piece. So, it's our story that I was writing. He came up with a brilliant idea that since whatever I was writing was my perspective, he would write his own and then we could have a book from both ends - meeting up in the center. But then, of course, busy schedules catch up on you and things just remain in the pipeline... but I have decided to give it one more try - at least finishing up with my part of the book. 
So, here goes...

This is my story - scratch that - this is my 'love' story. Every one has a love story - some start in school days and end when we change schools or we grow up and go to different colleges. While others start in college and see their end with college life. Sometimes, relationships end because of family pressure, society, religion and so many other such cliched reasons.
But sometimes, love is there to stay, sometimes love grows into a beautiful wedding and a blissful life. Whoa, I sound like such a fool - uh, I am scaring myself. But anyways, I am bitten by this bug called love so I guess, its one of the symptoms of this bug bite.
So, I am gonna cut the crap and simply begin with my story - uh huh - my love story...

Written Affair : Who Am I...

Many people live with a mask on their faces, hiding their true faces from the world, for reasons known to them. This poem is about one such person...

Who am I,
Why am I,
No one knows
I will follow which road!

An organ lying below my lung
Makes direct contact with my tongue
And holds me back
From reading books of my life, lying on the rack.
My heart is a well of secrets
Keeping secrets there I don't regret;
From what I feel
To whom with I deal
Is not known to a single soul
Not even my dear mom!

So much lying in that muscular space
No one knows I'm running in which race,
No one, mean No One
Has ever guessed what I feel for anyone
Even if they tried
They never got the answer right,
Though I've friends whom I trust
I tell them many things, but not every crust!

Some bitter experiences of the past
Left me alone in a ground which was vast
To collect all alone, my belongings
And then I decided - never again will I be sharing
"Them" with anyone,
About myself will be known to no one!

Today what my friends see of me
Is not 'actual me'!
I am someone else whom they have never met
My mind is now set...
I have learned to live happily
With this in my heart and my family!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Book Review : Ajaya #2 - Rise of Kali

Book Title : Rise of Kali (Ajaya II)
Author : Anand Neelakantan 
Genre : Mythological Fiction
ISBN : 9789381576045
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd. 
Publication : 2015
Pages : 530
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
THE DARK AGE OF KALI IS RISING and every man and woman must choose between duty and conscience, honor and shame, life and death… 
  • The Pandavas, banished to the forest following the disastrous games of dice, return to Hastinapura.
  • Draupadi has vowed not to bind her hair till she washes it in the blood of the Kauravas.
  • Karna must choose between loyalty and gratitude, friend and Guru.
  • Aswathama undertakes a perilous mission to the mountains of Gandhara, in search of the Evil One.
  • Kunti must decide between her firstborn and her other sons.
  • Guru Drona has to stand with either his favorite disciple or his beloved son.
  • Balarama, having failed to convince his brother about the adharma of violence, walks the streets of Bharatavarsha, spreading the message of peace. 
  • Ekalavya is called to make the ultimate sacrifice to uphold a woman’s honor.
  • Jara, the beggar, sings of Krishna’s love while his blind dog, Dharma, follows.
  • Shakuni can almost see the realization of his dream to destroy India. As the Pandavas stake their claim to the Hastinapura throne, the Kaurava Crown Prince, Suyodhana, rises to challenge Krishna. 
As great minds debate dharma and adharma, power hungry men prepare for an apocalyptic war. The women, highborn and humble, helplessly watch the unfolding disaster with deep foreboding. And greedy merchants and unscrupulous priests lie in wait like vultures. Both sides know that beyond the agony and carnage the winner will take all. But even as gods conspire and men’s destinies unfold, a far greater truth awaits.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

Review :
Having read Roll of the Dice (Ajaya I), I was waiting for part II with much anticipation and author really took his time to release the second part.

I have given the book a rating of 5 stars considering it as an individual book. But if I was to rate the book with respect to the first book, I would have given it 4 stars - for I liked the first part better. 
Why I say this is because, when I read the first part, the whole concept of the story being of the defeated side was new and thus proved most interesting. But then 2nd part at times felt dragged with saying the same things over and over again as were said in the 1st book. Though I feel, if the second book had come out sooner or better still if I had read both the books in one go, maybe this difference wouldn't have been apparent.

Coming to book 2 in particular, what was most interesting was the voice given to people like Ashwathama and Shakuni. Loved how Mr. Neelakantan has portrayed Karna. Also what was interesting to read was the speech given by Bhishma pitamah explaining his reasons for backing Kauravas and how Dronacharya ji decided which side he would fight on.
The whole concept of dharma and adharma was also well explained. And I especially loved how both sides justified that they were on the side of dharma. The tactics used by Pandavas to win the war have been known forever so there was nothing new in there but what was new was the discussions that went on in the Kaurava camp each night.
The book was fast paced and provided a fitting end to the story. A page turner and an epic read - if read with an open mind. Enjoyed reading the book a lot and I hope you do to.

Happy Reading!

P.S. book review of the first book has also been posted in the blog.

Book Review : Ajaya #1 - Roll of the Dice

Book Name : Ajaya : Roll of the Dice (Epic of the Kaurava Clan #1)
Author : Anand Neelakantan
Genre : Mythological Fiction
ISBN Code : 9789381576038
Publisher : Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Publication : 2013
Pages : 455
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
THE MAHABHARATA ENDURES AS THE GREAT EPIC OF INDIA. But while Jaya is the story of the Pandavas, told from the perspective of the victors of Kurukshetra; Ajaya is the narrative of the 'unconquerable' Kauravas, who were decimated to the last man. At the heart of India's most powerful empire, a revolution is brewing. Bhishma, the noble patriarch of Hastinapura, is struggling to maintain the unity of his empire. On the throne sits Dhritarashtra, the blind King, and his foreign-born Queen Gandhari. In the shadow of the throne stands Kunti, the Dowager-Queen, burning with ambition to see her firstborn become the ruler, acknowledged by all. And in the wings: Parashurama, the enigmatic Guru of the powerful Southern Confederate, bides his time to take over and impose his will from mountains to ocean. Ekalavya, a young Nishada, yearns to break free of caste restrictions and become a warrior. Karna, son of a humble charioteer, travels to the South to study under the foremost Guru of the day and become the greatest archer in the land. Balarama, the charismatic leader of the Yadavas, dreams of building the perfect city by the sea and seeing his people prosperous and proud once more. Takshaka, guerrilla leader of the Nagas, foments a revolution by the downtrodden as he lies in wait in the jungles of India, where survival is the only dharma. Jara, the beggar, and his blind dog Dharma, walk the dusty streets of India, witness to people and events far greater than they, as the Pandavas and the Kauravas confront their searing destinies. Amidst the chaos, Prince Suyodhana, heir of Hastinapura, stands tall, determined to claim his birthright and act according to his conscience. He is the maker of his own destiny or so he believes. While in the corridors of the Hastinapura palace, a foreign Prince plots to destroy India. And the dice falls...

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

Review :
Imagine your life, as you know it. And then imagine, someone coming up and telling you that the life you are living is a lie. That all you thought about yourself till now is all lie. But you refuse to believe that person because you have lived the life and you know there was nothing false about it. But that person has left a germ in your mind - a germ a doubt and now you set out on a path to find out who is right among the two of you - you yourself or the other person...
This book, does exactly that - spreads that germ in your mind, that germ of doubt, that maybe what you have known till now is not really true, that there exists an other side to this coin too like all other coins.
Till now, we have only read about the Pandavas side of story and we all decided that the Pandavas were the good people and Kauravas evil, that 'Suyodhana' deserved to be named 'Duryodhna'... But is this fair, did anyone ever tell us the Kauravas side of story. How did we then decide who was evil and who wasn't???
This book, challenges your beliefs about both the clans... challenges you to rethink about who was right, challenges you to see the other side and not blindly follow what you have been told till now...

A Note Caution though is necessary here, read the book with an open mind because your beliefs about your gods will be shaken, your beliefs about the truth will be challenged!
Go ahead, and read if you dare for this is a beautifully written book. Pick up the book and read it... And trust me, you would want to read the next one - because this book is truly a page turner. This book deserves to be read, this book deserves a chance...
Happy Reading!

P.S. book review of the second book has also been posted in the blog.

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Book Review : 61 Hours

Book Title : 61 Hours
Author : Lee Child
Genre : Suspense Thriller
ISBN : 9780553825565
Publisher : Random House 
Publication : 2010
Pages : 492
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and crashes in a gathering storm. On the back seat: Jack Reacher, hitching a ride to nowhere. A life without baggage has many advantages. And disadvantages too, like facing the arctic cold without a coat.
A small town is threatened by sinister forces. One brave woman is standing up for justice.If she's going to live to testify, she'll need help from a man like Reacher. Because there's a killer coming for her.
Has Reacher finally met his match? He doesn't want to put the world to rights. He just doesn't like people who put it to wrongs.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Review :
Jack Reacher is the modern times hero, a believable hero at that -not Uber rich, nor drop dead gorgeous and definitely rooted to reality. But he is an excellent observer, extremely intuitive with army experience and great physique in his favor.
But then, all the Reacher thrillers I have read so far have a common broader plot - Reacher ends up in a town which has some problems, meets someone who becomes his friend for the time he is in town. There is always a female supporting lead who is Reacher's romantic interest. The friend gets hurt/framed/dies or simply needs Reacher's help. In the end, Reacher defeats the bad guy and wins the day.
Despite the similar broader plot, Jack Reacher novels are always a page turner. The twists and turns are enough to keep your nose in the book - Lee Child makes sure it's not an easy victory but then, Reacher is always a victor.
It's always interesting to read about how his mind works and I like to challenge myself in solving the mystery about who the bad guy is.
For the 1st time, since I am reading Reacher novels, I managed to guess correctly who the bad guy was. I got the vibes, but of course I needed Reacher to put those vibes into words with impeccable logic and I needed his help to tie the loose ends.
Needless to say, I loved the read. And loved the plot. The only reason, this one got a 4 star is because I knew who the bad guy was halfway through the book - which means, Mr. Child needs to up the game a notch.
Do pick up the book for Reacher for he is lovable despite being lovable but more so, because he is a believable character you will fall in love with.

Happy Reading!

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Personal Musings : Jack of All Trades

"Jack of all trades and king of none"
How bad is it, to be good at a lot of things? Is it totally necessary to be an expert at something? What is then better - to be the jack or the king?
So, this thought had been gnawing at me, since I sat down to create this blog. I knew what this blog would be about, but coming up with a name for this one was pretty difficult. Me and the husband labored around for half an hour before finalizing on the name.
If you don't know already, this blog is a compilation blog. I had a number of blogs for different things - food blog, book review blog, poetry blog, personal experiences blog and photography blog. It was getting pretty unmanageable. Thus I decided to create one blog which would contain everything I wanted to share and thus we played around with the word passion.
But then recently I came across lots of blogs which were specialized blogs for photography or book and/or movie reviews or personal blogs - making them a king in their chosen field.
So, I am a jack of all trades, for I have mastery in none. True, the kings are enjoying their respective trades like I'm enjoying my various zealous activities, but are they better off? Am I not getting a far more better exposure than those kings? Then am I better being the Jack than a king? Is this thing even comparable?

Where all will you find my presence? 

*I am an Instagram-er*
Like here in the blog, my instagram account also shows my basic nature of being the jack of all trades for their are pics of books, food, scenic beauty, my son and just about anything I find worth clicking.
I'm "passionpursuer" on Instagram.

*I am a foodie on Zomato*
I like trying out different restaurants even if I'm not too keen on trying new cuisines. And if I try out a new restaurant, which ain't very often, I would like to review it.
I'm "KittyEatsOut" on Zomato.

*I am a voracious reader on Goodreads*
I read books and then present my views on them in form of a book review which I post on Goodreads as well as on my blog.
I'm "Khyati Tewari" on Goodreads.

*I'm an average cook and photographer*
Just because I love to click pretty pictures, which aren't always pretty, I have taken a liking to cooking - I try out new recipes, try to click beautiful pictures and then blog the recipes with those pictures. Now that I have a son, the interest has expanded into the child photography. And thanks to #Bookstagram community on instagram, I'm clicking books. 
Find me on Instagram and follow my blog. 

*I'm a learned writer*
Writing didn't chine naturally to me, it wasn't inherent. But as a kid when I saw my friends wiring beautiful poetry, I wanted to do it too. And so I learned, to do a half decent job at writing poetry.

*I'm a blogger*
Where else can I showcase all that I mentored, if not on a blog? Of course I'm a blogger - even though I know, hardly anyone follows me - but it's for my satisfaction.
I'm "Khyati Gulati Tewari" on "passionate pursuits" and this is what I do...

So many avenues for me to explore...

True there isn't an #InstaDaily pic on my account...
True I haven't visited every restaurant in town...
True there are unread books on my shelf and many Un-reviewed books in my collection...
True not every food experiment is a successful one nor all the recipes blogged about...
True the pictures I click aren't stellar and don't receive 1000's of likes...
True the poems aren't pieces of art...
True the blog hasn't any viewers or followers...

But I'm Khyati and this is what I like to do and this is what I shall do for the king is definitely a king, but Jack has all the more fun!

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Book Review : Room

Book Title : Room
Author : Emma Donoghue
Genre : Novel
ISBN : 9780330519021
Publisher : Picador USA
Publication : 2011
Pages : 400
Binding : Paperback

Jack is five. He lives with his Ma. They live in a single, locked room. They don't have the key. Jack and Ma are prisoners.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆☆

Review :
A book I picked out of my mother in law's shelf - what intrigued me was the synopsis at the back cover - "Jack is five. He lives in a single, locked room with his Ma."
This two line synopsis was the shortest and most powerful one I had read till now.
This book is narrated by the male protagonist Jack, who we know from the synopsis, is a five year old kid - thus the grammar is imperfect, as it should be for a five year old - this simple fact, being taken care of by the author, lends a kind of sincerity to the narration.
Apart from the synopsis, when I started reading the book, what attracted me most was the description of mother and son's day to day life - being a new mother to a lovely boy, it gave me numerous ideas on how to raise my kid so that he is smart and how to keep him busy with interesting games on those rainy days.

*Spoiler Alert*

But then, as we delve deeper into the novel, the horror of the
situation sets in - it gets scarier when you realize, the reason for their confinement is a psychopath - who had strange inhuman ways of punishing them - it's totally unnerving!
But then, thankfully there's an escape - which is like halfway in the book. And then you might wonder, what would make the rest of the book??? But then, the troubles continue - for the mother has to once again get accustomed to living in the society and the kid, who knew no world beyond 11 feet square room and has talked to none except his mom, has to learn how to survive in this 'outside' world. 
With most of the book, drawing a melancholy, the end - to be most precise, the last couple of paragraphs, are actually happy paragraphs. They give the book 'a happy ending' where they are finally able to bid adieu to the room and hopefully the bad memories associated with the room. 
It's a fast paced novel, except for in the middle where it gets a bit of a drag only till there is another twist to pull you right back into the story. It's a disturbing novel, but one that would touch your heart like no other - it's not exactly your holiday read, but this book definitely deserves to be read. Jack deserves a chance to let his story be known...
Happy Reading! 

Book Review : Scion of Ikshvaku

Book Title : Scion of Ikshvaku (Ram Chandra Series #1)
Author : Amish Tripathi
Genre : Mythological Fiction
ISBN : 9789385152146
Publisher : Westland Limited
Publication : 2015
Pages : 354
Binding : Hardbound

Plot :
Ram Rajya. The Perfect Land. But perfection has a price. He paid that price.


Ayodhya is weakened by divisions. A terrible war has taken its toll. The damage runs deep. The demon King of Lanka, Raavan, does not impose his rule on the defeated. He, instead, imposes his trade. Money is sucked out of the empire. The Sapt Sindhu people descend into poverty, despondency and corruption. They cry for a leader to lead them out of the morass. Little do they appreciate that the leader is among them. One whom they know. A tortured and ostracized prince. A prince they tried to break. A prince called Ram.
He loves his country, even when his countrymen torment him. He stands alone for the law. His band of brothers, his Sita, and he, against the darkness of chaos.
Will Ram rise above the taint that others heap on him? Will his love for Sita sustain him through his struggle? Will he defeat the demon Lord Raavan who destroyed his childhood? Will he fulfill the destiny of the Vishnu?

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Having read the Shiva Trilogy by the same author, I had high hopes from his next series and he has more or less hit the mark - even if it ain't a bull's eye, it is in the vicinity.
If you have read his previous books, you would know that he is one author who human-ises the gods and retells the stories from our mythology making them more believable. This series is based on Ramayana. 
There are no complaints with regards to his writing style - for that is what sets him apart. And so far, the story has been really captivating  (when it took 2 months to complete 3 books (woes of parenthood - finding 'me time' with a 2 month old) - it took me about a week to finish this book) - so I can safely say, it's a page turner.
As far as the plot goes, of course it's an adaptation of the Ramayana - so you cannot find any fault with it.

Having said all that, I still had to take a star away from the book is because there seem to be some gaps in the story - these gaps aren't the 'in your face' variety but they linger in the background if you have read Shiva Trilogy - since the author has definitely tried to bring a connection in both the series with things like nagas or maika system.
But then, this could only be my personal interpretation and you as a reader might not find any fault with the story. And even though I mention these gaps and take a star away, I would still urge you to read the book for even if you leave mythology aside, it's a fun story to read and you won't be left disappointed.

Happy Reading!

Recipe : Gobhi (Cauliflower) Manchurian - Dry

So, going home for a long vacation surely has its perks - one of them being - you learn new recipes... these recipes are no normal recipes, because these ones are passed on from one generation to the next...
So here's sharing, something I learned over the only month long holiday I got in my two year long PG program (oh well, that didn't need to be part of this).
Gobhi Manchurian, one of the many food demands, that the husband and the sister-in-law, make sure is fulfilled. The husband loves it so much, that I decided to learn it this time around and it surely wasn't a bad first attempt, in fact it was a fairly good attempt - that is so, because
  1. the mothers (in-laws) are the best teachers and
  2. the recipe is that simple
As my mum-in-law taught me, its a simple 3+(3+3)recipe - 3 ingredients for the manchurian and 3+3 for the sauce. So here's your recipe...

Difficulty Level : ☆

Time Required : 
          Preparation - 10 minutes
          Cooking - 45 minutes

For the Manchurian
Cauliflower 1 medium size
Salt to taste (I used 2 tsp)
Oil to fry
All Purpose Flour 1 tbsp
For the Sauce
Vinegar 1 tbsp
Hot and Sweet Sauce 4 tbsp
Soy Sauce 2 tbsp
Ginger 1 medium size piece
Garlic 10 cloves
Green Chilies 7 to 8

1. Shred the cauliflower, but not too much. Stop at the hint of it being shredded.
2. Add salt and let it rest for a few minutes.
3. Add all purpose flour to the cauliflower and roll the mix into small balls.
4. Fry the balls till golden brown and crisp.
5. Leave on the side to cool.
1. Finely chop the garlic, ginger and chilies.
2. Take about 1 tbsp of oil in a wok and heat it.
3. Add the chopped garlic, chilies and garlic to it and fry them slightly.
4. Add the 3 sauces to it and heat another half a minute.
5. Add the manchurians to it and heat for half a minute and voila you are done!

Additional Noteworthy Points
1. The less you shred the cauliflower, the crispier the manchurian balls will be.
2. Add as much multi-purpose flour as is needed. If the cauliflower binds itself into balls with lesser flour, use lesser flour - so that manchurian doesn't taste floury.
3. You can change the amount of chilies, garlic and ginger as per your liking.
4. Instead of using hot and sweet sauce, you can use normal ketchup and it would work just fine.

Cook With Love!

Written Affair : The Day You Walked Away

The Day You Walked Away, is a poem about two lovers who had to part ways because of some unavoidable circumstances. Both of them hated doing it, but it was the demand of the time... Puppets of fate, they part ways, with heavy hearts, but being able to do nothing about it...

I can't forget that night when
You were there standing beside me,
Saying that you have got something
That you want to tell me...
The words were so very harsh
You knew it would hurt me...
But we had to face the truth
Although it was difficult for you and for me!

You looked at me
And I looked at you
We wanted to say something to ease the pain
But that was what we couldn't do...
We walked our last walk together
On that deserted road
Our hearts were aching
There was too much of the load!

I took your hand in mine
And you turned towards me
You saw the fear in my eyes
Tears too you could see!

We both cried for hours
And sat holding each other
And remembered those days
We spent together
Talking and walking
Laughing all the while...
Those were the days
When we had been truly blessed!

Last thing I remember
Is you walking away
Leaving me behind
I was thinking of someway - 
I wanted to stop you...
I tried calling you...
But you never heard me
You just kept walking farther and away
Leaving me behind
With tears in my eyes!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Book Review : The Book of Tomorrow

Book Title : The Book of Tomorrow
Author : Cecelia Ahern
Genre : Young Adult
ISBN : 9780007361625
Publisher : Harper Collins
Publication : 2009
Pages : 320
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
Tamara Goodwin has always got everything she's ever wanted. Born into a family of wealth, she grew up in a mansion with its own private beach, a wardrobe full of designer clothes and all that a girl could ever wish for. She's always lived in the here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. But then suddenly her dad is gone and life for Tamara and her mother changes forever. Left with a mountain of debt, they have no choice but to sell everything they own and move to the country. Nestled next to Kilsaney Castle, their gatehouse is a world away from Tamara's childhood. With her mother shut away with grief, and her aunt busy tending to her, Tamara is lonely and bored and longs to return to Dublin. When a travelling library passes through Kilsaney Demesne, Tamara is intrigued. Her eyes rest on a mysterious large leather bound tome locked with a gold clasp and padlock. What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and shakes her world to its' core.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Review :
First things first, in my opinion, this book should not be listed under young adult genre. You don't subject 15 year olds to sex, cuss words, boozing and such like. But then, that's not for me to decide, the generations being born today are more advanced than we were and much more advanced than our parents were.
The protagonist is a teenage girl who thinks her life, as she knows it, is shattered with the death of her father. But a bigger secret awaits her - a secret that tells her that she had been living one big lie of a life. 
The plot is interesting with the different elements and twists that have been put in here. 

*Spoiler Alert*
  • Not only the girl has been lied to - the mother is unaware of the complete truth as well.
  • The book of tomorrow is the most interesting concept with the book telling the future which is in your hands to change or let it happen as is mentioned.
  • Then there is a 'Jane Eyre' situation with a lunatic setting fire to the castle but the lunatic is not really a lunatic and is basically an ambitious jealous person.
The story has all the drama you would need and it is a gripping fast paced book. It surely has scary parts to it - castle ruins, graveyard, constant feeling of being watched. The narration style is wonderful as well.
Even with the spoilers, the book is worth reading - for there is lot more in the book, that the spoilers don't cover - like the :
  • Actual Secret 
  • Back Story of the Lunatic
And various other elements, which I don't want to mention for they would truly spoil the read for you. Read on for a light but a very interesting read - you won't be left disappointed. 

Happy Reading! 

Book Review : The Gods Themselves

Book Title : The Gods Themselves
Author : Issac Asimov
Genre : Science Fiction
ISBN : 9780553288100
Publisher : Spectra
Publication : 1990
Pages : 293
Binding : Paperback

Plot :
In the twenty second century Earth obtains limitless, free energy from a source science little understands : an exchange between Earth and a parallel universe, using a process devised by the aliens. But even free energy has a price. The transference process itself will eventually lead to the destruction of Earth's Sun - and of Earth itself.
Only a few know the terrifying truth - an outcast Earth scientist, a rebellious alien inhabitant of a dying planet, a lunar born human intuitionist who senses the imminent annihilation of the Sun. They know the truth - but who will listen? They have foreseen the cost of abundant energy - but who will believe? These few beings, human and alien hold the key to Earth's survival.

My Rating : ☆☆☆☆

Review :
The Gods Themselves was gifted to me by my husband on my birthday this July after he had introduced me to Issac Asimov at the start of this year. And like all the books I have read so far, this one didn't disappoint either. 

The book is written in three parts. The first part - against stupidity, builds up the background for the whole story - it starts with a discovery, goes on to the invention and ending with the ill effect the invention will have in the future. But the problem is, no one is willing to hear the truth of the disaster hidden behind the invention. The first part was a complete page turner. 
The second part - the gods themselves, deals with the para men and their universe. This part of the book is most interesting. The way he has described the aliens and their lives is amazing. I totally loved the concept of their early stages and their evolution - sort of made me feel like the concept of yin and yang but with the need of a binder to come together. The last few pages where the whole evolution process is explained is extremely well written and the end is quiet unexpected. 
Third and last part - contend in vain is the concluding part which provides a solution to the problem presented in first part. On the whole, this part has been most disappointing. I was hoping for some more alien human interactions or at least some mention of the alien community. Furthermore, the solution provided though practical and feasible, is completely unrelated to original invention. So it seemed like the last part was complete cut off from the whole book except some small mentions. 
Overall an interesting read and a fast paced book for you to pick up. 

Happy Reading!