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Book Review : The Hunger Games

Book Title : The Hunger Games Trilogy
                  The Hunger Games
                  Catching Fire
                  Mockingjay Author : Suzanne Collins Genre : Science Fiction
ISBN : 9718184771695
9718184776218 Publisher : Scholastic Publication : 2008 - 2009 - 2010 Pages : 1163 Binding : Paperback
The Hunger Games trilogy takes place in an unspecified future time in a dystopian post-apocalyptic nation of Panem, in the ruins of North America. The country consists of the wealthy Capitol located in the Rocky Mountains and twelve (formerly thirteen) poorer districts ruled by the Capitol. The Capitol is lavishly rich and technologically advanced but the twelve districts are in varying states of poverty – the trilogy's narrator and protagonist,Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12, the poorest region of Panem, formerly known as Appalachia, where people regularly die of starvation. As punishment for a past rebellion (called "The Dark Days") against the Capitol whe…

Written Affair : All Alone

This poem highlights the fact that whatever we do in our life time, we still come alone in this world and leave alone. No one accompanies us in either of these two situation, but human beings are still afraid of being alone... They forget, that they themselves are the only people who stay with themselves till the end and then afterwards and thus never enjoy the lone time they get...
A baby born, Comes alone...
Then why does he, For a company craves... So why does he, For some love craves...?
Why does he wants, To be accepted... Why does he needs, To be wanted...?
What does he need,  Friends for... What does he fear,  Making enemies for...?
Why does he smile, When he finds someone... Why does he cry, On loss of someone...?
Why does he have to, Feel lonely... Why, when no one's around Should he want some company...?
For an old man dead, Dies all alone...!

Recipe : Khandvi (with coconut and coriander filling)

Going through the posts on the facebook page of CAL, I stumbled upon this wonderful 7 minute microwave recipe for khandvi by Ms. Charu Bhargava. I decided to try it out, since it was the simplest recipe I could find on CAL page and least time consuming. How I thought I would surprise the husband, if the dish came out perfect. The joy, when husband came in, saw the dish and simply said, "arre waah, kahan se mangaya" and when I told him, I made it. But the joy was only short lived because when I asked the husband to taste it, he simply said, he didn't like the khandvi much. Well, I said, if you don't want it, its okay. I can have it all since I love khandvi; I picked up the plate and started eating it all on my own. And the husband gave me such a look and said, "zyada pasand nahi hai, lekin thodi to khaunga". That certainly made my day. Since then, I have been wanting to give this plain and perfect recipe a twist of my own. And today, I finally found some time …

Book Review : An Ember in the Ashes

Book Title : An Ember In The Ashes Author : Sabaa Tahir Genre : Young Adult Fantasy ISBN : 9780857502896 Publisher : Bantam Press Publication : 2015 Pages : 492 Binding : Paperback
Plot :
Life is made of so many moments that mean nothing. Then one day a single moment comes along to define every second that comes after.  What if you were the spark that could ignite a revolution?
My Rating : ☆☆☆
Review : Truthfully, I couldn't decide, whether I liked the book or not - thus I decided to give an average rating to the book. What wasn't right with the story was:
The character and world buildup was very poorThe story was dragged in most places unnecessarilyFurthermore, the narration seemed very disjointed - in the sense, there didn't seem like a logical end to one part/chapter before the next began; it took me first few chapters to realize what was happening Despite the flaws, the book was gripping and made you want to read further, to get beyond all that chaos and get at the cusp of the story. …

Book Review : The Architect's Apprentice

Book Title: The Architect's Apprentice Author: Elif Shafak Genre: Historical Fiction / Architectural Fiction ISBN Code: 9780241004920 Publisher : Viking (Penguin Books)
Publication : 2014
Pages : 452
Binding : Paperback
Plot : An epic tale spanning nearly a century in the life of the Ottoman Empire. In 1540, twelve-year-old Jahan arrives in Istanbul. As an animal tamer in the sultan’s menagerie, he looks after the exceptionally smart elephant Chota and befriends (and falls for) the sultan’s beautiful daughter, Princess Mihrimah. A palace education leads Jahan to Mimar Sinan, the empire’s chief architect, who takes Jahan under his wing as they construct (with Chota’s help) some of the most magnificent buildings in history. Yet even as they build Sinan’s triumphant masterpieces—the incredible Suleymaniye and Selimiye mosques—dangerous undercurrents begin to emerge, with jealousy erupting among Sinan’s four apprentices.
A memorable story of artistic freedom, creativity, and the clash between s…

Book Review : Life and Death (Twilight)

Book Title : Life and Death Author : Stephenie Meyer
Genre : Young Adult (Supernatural Romance Fiction)
ISBN : 9780349002484
Publisher : Atom
Publication : 2015
Pages : 387
Binding : Hardbound
Plot: When Beaufort Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks and meets the mysterious, alluring Edythe Cullen, his life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With her porcelain skin, golden eyes, mesmerizing voice and supernatural gifts, Edythe is both irresistible and enigmatic.  What Beau doesn't realize is that the closer he gets to her, the more he is putting himself and those around him at risk. And it might be too late to turn back...
My Rating : ☆☆☆1/2
Review : So this book is a "bold and compelling reimagining of the iconic love story that will surprise and enthrall readers." Being a twihard fan (yeah actually in my case it's multiple fandom - but that's not the point here), I was looking forward to reading this edition of the much loved story included in 10th anniversary issue.  I…

Personal Musings : Breastfeeding - A Taboo

Okay, so breastfeeding isn't a taboo per se, but yes talking about it or worse doing it in public sure is... but why? The benefits of breastfeeding are known wide and far - then how come anything to do with it be a taboo?
Recently, Facebook had been doing rounds of one Ms. Ashley Kaidel from Australia, who's proven to be one badass momma, feeding her baby in public and giving a bad stare off to someone who was contemptuously watching her feed.
If you ask for my opinion (actually it's my blog, and I'm here to give my opinion whether you want one or not) - she is an awesome momma and I would totally do it myself faced with a situation where my son is refusing the bottle feed and needs to breastfeed to calm down and/or satiate his hunger.
Actually let me share my version of the Ashley incident... I had gone with my husband to attend a farewell party. My son, aged 5 months, took his first feed there with a bottle. After that he refused to take the bottle for his second feed.…