Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nerdy Talks : Happy New Year

Yes, yes I know, we are already 10 days into the new year and it's probably too late to be talking new year wishes and resolutions - but hey, never too late than never. So on this note, let's get on with the post, shall we...
Another year has gone by and I had tons to be thankful about in the year gone by - but about that in a different post; because this post I want to dedicate to saying my thanks to the #Bookstagram community on instagram.
It is only by chance, that I discovered this community but it helped me combine a multitude of things I love which is definitely worth thanking for.
Thus with a big thank you to everyone in the community I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. And like every year, this year too has brought with it some 'new year resolutions' but a bit different than all the previous years. In the past, the resolutions have been broken and the excuse given is that resolutions are meant to be broken. And then each year, last resolution is to not break any of the resolutions.
So, what's different this year. Well it has to be the tone of the resolutions - because this year I made some bookish resolutions instead of the normal ones which are so hard to keep and go out the window before the month ends - so here goes nothing (*wink* tell me where you heard that phrase - hint, a really hot shirtless guy says it in the movie adaptation of a book *wink*) :

Okay, *touchwood* I am doing a good job at maintaining the blog so far -- I just need to continue doing it!
*Maintain and Follow TBR jar*
There are so many incomplete books and books in my "To Be Read" pile - because after starting them, I thought maybe this genre, some other time when I'm in the right mood for that, which is never right -- and those books have been lying around for years now. Thus this resolution.
*Maintaining a Reading Journal*
As a kid, I used to jot down gist of the books I read, especially non fiction and then when fiction happened, that habit  was sort of lost to the 'want of reading books faster so I can read more' -- I want to pick it up again
*Book Buying*
Now that's a big one - since I have started reading extensively, I have become a book hoarder of sorts - so the plan is, now that the husband has been excessively generous and bought me a kindle this anniversary, to rationalize my buying -- buy physical copies of collector's editions (preferably on special occasions) and buy / get ebooks for everything else
*Reading Challenges*
So I decided to do two challenges - Goodreads challenge is to set a realistic goal of minimum reading to be done; but then it doesn't do to read and read whatever comes my way - thus the popsugar challenge which I'm using to diversify my reading. Popsugar challenge is also helping me accomplish my 1st goal since I'm adding those books to the challenge which I own but haven't read
Goodreads Challenge - 40 books
PopSugar Reading Challenge 2016 - 40 + 1 books
A to Z Reading Challenge - 26 books
(Will do another detailed post on reading challenges)
*Instagram (Bookstagram) Resolution*
Post at least one pic on instagram daily or try to (of course travelling and other unforseen circumstances will be excused)
And to facilitate that -- take up at least one monthly book challenge
Monthly challenges for the month of January are hosted by :
@thebookishfae (#tbfbookchallenge)
@brookenicole.reads (#bnrbookchallenge16)

So with the hope that this year, because the resolutions are related to what I love doing, I will see them (resolutions) through the year and with fingers crossed, let's kick in the new year!
Ciao Fellow Nerds!

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